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Reporting and Logging Programmes

The purpose of a Log-Book system is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of installation and maintenance, as well as to provide a record of various tasks and observations so that the plant history can be reviewed at any time by the maintenance staff.

Technical Data

Our independent scientists and experts can be commissioned to design, populate and implement bespoke, paper-based and/or electronic data management programmes to enable the reporting and logging of a site's Legionella and Water Quality Management programme.

We are in the unique position to be able to offer clients the implementation and use of our in-house developed electronic management systems – EDC and Compass

The systems offer the following features:

  • Data collected using the EDC during the risk assessments process is exported automatically to the system. Data not collected by the EDC will be uploaded manually
  • Designed specifically for Legionellosis management and control reporting and logging, the system is fully compliant with ACoP (L8) and HTM04-01 requirements and is completely 'in-house'
  • Written in Visual Basic with SQL database behind and produces reports in PDF format, also storing information in SQL
  • Can be adjusted to specific client requirements
  • Runs the site usage evaluation and flushing programme
  • Remote support via the 3N system
  • Clear display of PPM programme scheduled test programs – plant and site specific
  • Scheduled items status
  • Responsibility for work
  • Separate daily frequency
  • Prioritisation of outstanding works relative to manpower/resource availability
  • Manpower time allocation and holiday planning pertaining to the PPM programme
  • Job specifications and instructions
  • Manual printing of all tasks completed when necessary
  • Paperless PDA inspection and monitoring task completion and paperless communication between the various users
  • Automatic uploading of all pending tasks – operator, date, site and plant specific
  • Operator-specific task instructions and paperless form completion using handheld PDAs
  • On-the-job help and instructions for the operator
  • Automatic real-time downloading of all collected task data to central processing terminal
  • On-line task and process training for all users
  • Automatically, real-time generated non-conformities from inspection parameters
  • Automatically, real-time generated and managed display of all Non-Conformities
  • Automatically generated prioritised recommended actions
  • Non-conformities remedial action instructions and authorisation
  • Report on screen or print all non-conformity details
  • Automatically, real-time generated e-mails for non-conformities and general communication between users
  • Automatically, real-time generated update of all system information allowing for easy and inexpensive generation of risk assessments allowing for at least a 50% reduction in costs of the bi-annual risk assessment reviews
  • Automatically, real-time generated audit reports for the status of Legionellosis management and control across the trust
  • Usage evaluation and flushing process
  • Easy to follow usage evaluation and flushing electronic pro-forma on each remote user's terminal
  • Automatically generated reminder of pending usage evaluation and flushing task
  • Automatically generated responses to central processing terminal for user task compliance status
  • Listing of all facilities reported as 'infrequently used' and 'flushed'
  • Listing of all facilities reported for removal
  • Automatically, real-time generated e-mails for non-conformities and general communication between remote users and administrator
  • On-line, task and process, training for all users
  • Automatically, real-time generated audit reports for the status of usage evaluation and flushing across the trust
  • Security and data storage
  • Automatic data back-up and non- changeable back-up format
  • Completely searchable data, including all archived data

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