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A Water Quality Management tool for complete peace of mind

COMPASS on multiple platforms

A fully integrated, Electronic Water Quality Risk Management System

We have used our experience, scientific knowledge and expertise to create – from scratch - COMPASS: a superior and completely bespoke, electronic Water Quality Risk Management System.

COMPASS offers effectiveness, focussing on improving risk management and compliance with statutory requirements and guidelines whilst making the process easier, safer and more efficient.

In short COMPASS is practical, user friendly and provides return on investment.

Real-time Risk Assessments

COMPASS uses Hydrop's UKAS ISO/IEC 17020:2012 accredited Risk Assessment tool to provide real-time risk assessments. The Risk Score Matrix is available on-demand and is calculated each time it is accessed against the latest collected data.

Data collected from initial risk assessment (RA) and then PPM

COMPASS analyses your data

Assessed against latest legislation

New Risk Assessment Score Matrix generated

User Centric Outlet Usage Evaluation and Programmed Flushing

COMPASS allows for single point paperless management of the critical task of Usage Evaluation and Flushing. Automatic email reminders listing pending tasks are sent to designated users who then complete a simple one page electronic form. Detailed reports can be generated for tracking, creating clarity on completed tasks and on those which may need more support.

Data collected from initial risk assessment (RA) and then PPM

Notification email sent listing tasks

Tasks completed on smart device or desktop PC

Reports can be generated for task tracking

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