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Pre-planned Maintenance Systems Development

Our team of highly qualified and independent scientists and experts can be commissioned to design, implement and manage detailed and sufficient pre-planned maintenance programmes (PPM) designed specifically with the type of building and susceptibility of the occupants in-mind. This ensures that all necessary inspection and monitoring tasks are carried out correctly and that all the relevant personnel are able to manage the information and data collected.

Typical PPM Programmes Include:

  • Training requirements for all personnel who:
    • are involved in carrying out the tasks/managing the information and data collected
    • are involved in task specifications for each task, including step-by-step instructions
    • require a methodology for carrying out the tasks including SOPs
  • Preparation of paper-based and/or electronic PPM programme 'docket' system
  • Selection of appropriate tools and measuring equipment plus training for their use
  • Measured parameter limits and results interpretation
  • Management, supervision and policing of contractors when PPM work is outsourced
  • Reporting methodology
  • Fault identification and correction
  • Process management

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