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HYDROP Independent Consultancy Practice
Specialists in the Management of Legionella and Water Quality

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Design Validation - Installation and Commissioning

Our highly qualified scientists and experts can undertake the validation of all new-build and refurbishment project design validation, installation and commissioning processes, ensuring that designs, installations and commissioning tasks comply with all current guidance, regulations and best-practices. As a result, Legionella and Water Quality Management is considered at each stage, avoiding potential problems.

The Process Includes:

  • Close involvement with design consultants, control of infection teams and the user to ensure appropriate and suitable specifications of design and installation
  • Selection of appropriate and suitable fittings
  • Risk assessment at each stage of installation
  • Hand-over protocols - implementation and policing
  • Arbitration between consultants, installers and the user
  • Preparation of OM manuals and on-going risk management

Our independent status allows us to manage project budgets and resources on our clients' behalf, ensuring implementation of the most suitable, cost effective and comprehensive Legionella and Water Quality Management requirements from the drawing board to usage.

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